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January 2018: The year begins with the hiring of our new vendor Allstate Resource Management to control aquatic weeds & floating debris. Allstate will perform regular monthly waterway aquatic weed control treatments and bi-monthly weed control treatments in the month of June, July, August & September. (16 times per year) They will also be removing floating debris on a quarterly basis. If you are experiencing an unusual aquatic weed problem, please feel free to contact us.

May 2018: Recently, the Board acted to help control the erosion which occurs behind our Jacaranda Cay signage wall. 30 Bald Cypress trees were planted at the water’s edge to begin the stabilization process. These trees are sure to flourish in this environment as our effort to curtail further erosion.

June 2018: Several Board members will be meeting with Electrical contractors to collect proposals to install electrical outlets East of Old Nob Hill Road at the entranceway to our community. Our goal is to increase the Holiday Lighting initiative and install permanent landscape lighting to illuminate the Royal Palm trees. We will be working with the City of Plantation to determine the viability of this project.

July 2018: Recently, an alligator was removed from our waterway system by a trapper. Please remember, this time of year is Alligator mating season as the animals become more active than usual. Please remember to protect children & pets when near the water. Please do not approach, feed or harass an alligator. If sighted, please feel free to contact the Plantation Police Department. Always keep in mind, living near a body of water in South Florida has inherent risks. Beware of snakes, alligators, rats, and other potentially dangerous creatures. Be vigilant to ensure your family is protected, and that your pets are on a leash. Keep your distance, and afford these creatures the respect they deserve…

August 2018:  Dear Homeowners,  please be advised, the Association’s Architectural Review Committee (ARC) will be performing it’s annual neighborhood inspection.  The ARC’s mission is to ensure the conditions of each home or lot is properly maintained and is consistent with the standards as set forth in our declaration.  The ARC generally looks for roofs & sidewalk which may need cleaning or repair, landscaping, exterior mold or water stains, fencing or structural repairs or other conditions which may be in need of attention.  Please take a moment to examine the exterior conditions of your property to ensure things are properly maintained.  Thank you for helping to keep our Community beautiful!